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Join the sale fanatic community!

Are you one of those promotion campaign fans who go crazy just seeing a percent sign and whose favorite word is sale? If your answer is yes, we have some good news for you!

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We have created you an urban jungle where hunting for lots of different discounts is easy as pie! Real coupons of the hottest brands are waiting just for you in the virtual universe of ShoppieGo. Come search and find the best possible discounts!

Game elements

What can you find?

Look around the map to find the boxes full of coupons!

Where should you go?

Go close to the box, the navigation button will help! When you get there, you can easily spot the coupon by turning around!

Hunt the treasures down!

Catch the coupon and redeem it in real life or swap it with others!

Be among the first users who get notified of the newest brands in the app!

*E-mail address so that we can keep you informed of the latest news and developments regarding the application

3…2…1…Let the hunt begin!

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, enable location and get lost in the world of ShoppieGo!

For gamers!

ShoppieGo step by step?

We show you how to use the application to make you one of the most talented coupon hunters!

1. Download the app and register!

2. Find the wanted coupon on the map and go close to it using the navigation button!

3. When you get there, collect the coupon and redeem your discount in reality!

4. Missed out on a coupon of your favorite brand? Go to the Marketplace and try to swap with another user.

Join us as a brand!

Are you the representative of a cool brand looking for new platforms? ShoppieGo offers you opportunities you have never seen before!

Do not you want to miss out on the trendiest sales channel? Would you like to attract new customers and reach them with the help of virtual reality? Would you like to see coupon maniacs doing flashmobs in front of your store?

Contact us – let's figure out the next move together!

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